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Achieving Excellence

October 5, 2014

A renewed vision for education has been articulated for the province of Ontario. The vision is focused on four goals: achieving excellence, ensuring equity, promoting well-being and enhancing public confidence. These goals are reflected in our Board Improvement Plan for Excellence in Faith Formation, Learning and Achievement. Together we will work to transform our district to realize our shared goals and steward our resources responsibly.

We are committed to creating a culture of Belonging in which every person we encounter knows and understands deeply that they are a divine spark, a child of God. As we discover the giftedness in each person we realize it is also a gift for us and our community. Staff, student, volunteer, coworker, support staff… we are all called to share our gifts generously and celebrate them joyfully so that we can create a safe, welcoming, inclusive, caring, and Christ-centered learning environment.

October 5, 2014 we celebrate in a special way, teachers, on World Teacher’s Day. It is a day that resonates with all of us as we call to mind the teacher who inspired us, formed us, encouraged us, believed in us, and helped us to realize our potential or, as a parent we watch our child’s teachers do the same for our own children. It’s a good time to say “Thank you” for making a difference.

The much anticipated Bishop’s Dinner for Community Needs will be hosted this week. We welcome Bishop Crosby and our many guests. Our community will be the direct benefactors. Thank you to all those who have planned and prepared for wonderful hospitality.

As we move toward Thanksgiving, we give thanks…
for the mystery of God’s presence in everyone we know and meet;
in the simplest and most ordinary moments of each day;
and in the stillness and quiet of prayer…


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